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BDI members are bead artists from hobbyist to professional. Here are some of our member profiles.

AnglerFish – Kristin Kearns & Len Keeler

AnglerFish –

Kristin Kearns & Len Keeler

If you’ve seen the movie Finding Nemo, you know that an anglerfish is a denizen of the deep sea that uses a bioluminescent appendage to lure the neighbors over for dinner.  AnglerFish, the company, makes LED-illuminated wearable art and kits that allow jewelry designers to illuminate their own creations. Kristin and Len dreamed up the idea some years ago while teaching astronomy and physics at a small MN college, and decided to turn the dream into reality after moving to Massachusetts in 2012.

KK at torchOur goal at AnglerFish is to enable designers to… Continue reading

Fiamma Glass


Fiamma Glass – David and Caterina Weintraub


Fiamma Glass – Making Glass Work for You

Fiamma Glass offers classes in a wide variety of flameworking and fusing techniques for all levels of expertise. Their Waltham Massachusetts facility has up to 14 flameworking stations available for hourly rental for both beginners.

Our Vision

Fiamma Glass is owned and operated by working artists. Our goal is to provide the skills, equipment, and knowledge to help create the best possible environment for people to explore glass working in its many forms. We believe in the power of community in art and strive… Continue reading

Beth Williams – Beth Williams Studio

Williams-Beth - BW Studio-1

Beth Williams – Beth Williams Studio


Combining glass, gold, and silver, Beth creates contemporary elegant jewelry, highlighted by the rainbow of colors and textures inherent in glass rods. Having been a studio metalsmith for many years prior to focusing on glass, Beth’s designs balance all the elements in her materials, resulting in pieces that the owner can wear with comfort and pleasure. Pure gold granules accent the surface of Beth’s lampworked beads, reflecting her signature style that has been recognized in publications and exhibitions across the country.

Artist Statement

“The love of my craft is what inspires me; the way that the colors in glass are transformed by… Continue reading

Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas – Dukas Designs

Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas_Image1

Naomi Ellenberg-Dukas, Dukas Designs

Naomi up-cycles ordinary, everyday materials, zippers, guitar strings, “tin” cans, and inner tubes, in her unique fashion designs. Her work incorporates yarn, fabric, wire, and colorful beads sourced from around the world. In custom design consultations she combines her artistic sensibility with her training as a therapist in order to create a singular jewelry piece that will reflect the personality of her client with the importance of a special occasion or a gift to one’s self or another.

Artist Statement

As a child, and then an adult, I watched my mother work, first as a designer,… Continue reading

Terry James

Terry James

Terry James

I love beads and beaded jewelry; I started collecting beads just after college. I liked that I could buy a simple strand of beads for an affordable amount of money and that wearing the beads brought me enjoyment. Then I found some beaded items that needed repair, so I wanted to know how to do that and where to get the supplies. I saw an ad in the Boston Globe for the Bead Affaire and I found BDI, which brought all my interests together – beads, history, techniques, artists, resources, etc. My interest in jewelry has… Continue reading


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