J&M Gems – Jerry Racho

In 2003, J&M GEMS ‘N’ THINGS, INC. was established and incorporated to sell fashion accessories, gift boxes and general merchandise from the Philippines. Fascinated by the different varieties and shapes of beads embossed on our gift boxes and fashion accessories, we shifted to sell beads and semi-precious stones when we stumbled upon a gem, mineral and bead show in Tucson, Arizona.

J&M GEMS ‘N’ THINGS, INC. Is now a supplier of a whole range of fabulous beads which consist of uniquely crafted jewelry and it’s components made up of eco-friendly, organic/natural materials such as SHELLS, WOOD, COW BONE and WATER BUFFALO HORN or we call it CARAHORN from the Philippines. The CARAHORN are by-products of food and farm trade, used primarily for meat production, frequently sold as BURGERS. Some ranchers use them for the production of high quality mozzarella cheese. The water buffaloes are never killed just for their horns as it is left over from the food industry. Our artisans salvage the horns and artfully turn them into EXOTIC art pieces.